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TT Number Title Date Issued Download
1 1427/QD-TTg 2012-2015 National Target Program for Energy Efficiency and Conservation approved 2/10/2012
2 07/2012/BCT-TT Circular : on labelling for energy used facilities and equipment _ Unofficial Translation 04/04/2012
3 176/2004/QD-TTg Decision no.176/2004/QD-TTg approving the strategy on Development of Vietnam Electricity industry in the 2004-2010 Period, with orientation towards 2020 05/10/2004
4 79/2006/QD-TTg Decision no.79/2006/QD-TTg approving the national strategic program on Envergy Saving and Effective Use 14/04/2006
5 906/QD-TTg Decision No. 906/QD-TTg approving orientations for planning nuclear power development in Vietnam through 2030 17/06/2010
6 70/2010/ND-CP Decree No.70/2010/ND-CP detailing and guiding a number of articles of the law on atomic energy regarding nuclear power plants 22/06/2010
7 80/2006/QD-TTg Decision no. 80/2006/QD-TTg approving the 2006-2010 electricity-saving program 14/04/2006
8 48/2008/QD-BCT Decision no.48/2008/QD-BCT approving the planning on development of the electric equipment-manufacturing industry in the 2006-2015 period with a vision towards 2025 19/12/2008
9 40/2003/QD-TTg Decision no.40/2003/QD-TTg adjusting a number of contents of the planning on Vietnam's electricity development in the 2001-2010 period, with prospect till 2020 taken into account 21/03/2003
10 26/2006/QD-TTg Decision no.26/2006/QD-TTg approving the roadmap and conditions for formation and development of different levels of the electricity market in Vietnam 26/01/2006
11 45/2010/QD-TTg Decision No.45/2010/QD-TTg promulgating the regulation on nuclear control 14/06/2010
12 07/2006/QD-BCN Decision no.07/2006/QD-BCN providing for technical standards and conditions for the use of electricity as a means of direct protection 11/04/2006
13 1855/QD-TTg Decision no. 1855/QD-TTg approving Vietnam's national energy development strategy up to 2020, with 2050 vision 27/12/2007
14 102/2003/ND-CP Decree no. 102/2003/ND-CP on thrifty and efficient use of energy 03/03/2003
15 28/2004/QH11 Law no.28/2004/QH11 on Electricity 03/12/2004
16 07/2010/ND-CP Decree No.07/2010/ND-CP detailing and guiding a number of articles of the law on atomic energy 25/01/2010

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