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Mr. Nguyen Quan Chinh, Vice Chairman, People's Committee of Quang Tri Province came to visit the site of LED installation. 


Ho Chi Minh City developing smart power grid

SUNday - 11/03/2018 23:02 - Viewed: 5401
Actively applying modern technology to production, step by step developing smart grid in operation - management, securing reliability in power supply, etc., become the top target of Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation (EVNHCMC) today.


EVNHCMC’s online transaction point

Reducing incidents, improving power supply reliability

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) has been actively implementing the project proposal of developing a smart city in the period 2017-2020. Supporting the breakthrough decision of HCMC's leaders in improving urban management capacity and life quality of the city's residents, on behalf of the electricity sector, Mr. Pham Quoc Bao, Deputy General Director of EVNHCMC said: "The sector is gaining a lot of advantages because it has actively implemented smart power grid development programs under the Prime Minister's instructions in approval of the Smart Power Grid Development Project in Vietnam.

Basically, the EVNHCMC’s roadmap being implemented is fully appropriate and ready to be integrated with basic configurations of the smart urban project proposal of the city. Therefore, the project after being announced is a great motivation for EVNHCMC to promote the implementation of the project proposal and is expected to contribute to the overall success of the Smart Urban project of HCMC.

As per specific analysis, from 2016, EVNHCM has completed developing a Modern power grid management system (SCADA/DMS) and in 2017, set up the Remote control center of power grid with the tasks of monitoring, supervising the power supply, automatic control throughout the grid of the city. EVNHCMC has completed the transfer to the remote, unmanned operation at 42/50 110kV intermediary station of the city. The remainder shall be completed in 2018, to ensure that all the 110kV substations throughout the city are remotely operated via the operating center.

EVNHCMC is also implementing the automation plan for 220kV distribution power grids; promoting the application of live-line working in order to mitigate the disruption time of power supply. The unit also successfully studied, manufactured and put into operation 21 insulated cleaning sets for 110kV and 220kV power grids with high pressure water taps (online porcelain cleaning) to maintain the grids without outage, contributing to reducing incidents and improve the reliability of power supply to customers.

Especially, EVNHCMC bravely piloted the Micro Grid model (regional smart power grid) in 4 areas: Hi-tech Park in district 9, commercial offices along main roads in District 1, Mieu Noi residential area in Phu Nhuan district and residential area in District 7 as the basis for the replication of this model in 2018 and the coming years.

Diversifying forms of electricity payment

Remarkably, currently, the Electricity sector of the city has implemented 19 transaction methods with customers through 4 forms of online transactions of Customer Service Center 1900545454, Email: cskh@hcmpc.com.vn, Website: http://cskh.hcmpc.vn/ and the customer care application of EVNHCMC, Zalo on mobile devices.

The corporation’s Customer Care Center also was put into operation since 2014 and deployed value added services such as 8055, 8655 mailboxes to support customers in searching information of electricity bills and, bill debts, cause of cut-off power and power consumption recording schedule. Application for tracking power load chart was provided; customers installing remote data collection system can directly monitor the load and the power using situation on the website: cskh.hcmpc.vn.

Currently, the electricity sector diversified forms of electricity bill payment, helping customers to pay the bill at anytime, anywhere. EVNHCMC have cooperated with 22 banks and 9 partners to facilitate customers to pay for electricity bills at more than 5,712 payment points outside the electricity system, convenience stores, post offices, supermarkets of Saigon Co.op, Viettel stores, Vien Thong A stores and 2,202 ATMs, through Internet/Mobile/SMS Banking or automatic deduction of debit for monthly payment; through the website: cskh.hcmpc.vn.

EVNHCMC implements the installation of electronic meters with function of remotely-measured data collection, from 2017 to 2022, and automatic recording of monthly electricity meter data and sending the bill to customers via SMS and email.

After all the efforts, the HCMC’s electricity sector "gained" positive recognition from the people through the implementation of new technology solutions, the power grid reliability is improved with SAIFI index (average time of outage per customer) in 2017 was 3.02 times, 40.81% better than that of 2016 and the SAIDI index (average time of outage per customer) was 231.31 minutes, 54.80% better than that of 2016. The electricity access index was improved to 78.69/100 points, increasing by 32 points, ranked 64/190 countries (4th consecutive year with increase in ranking with the highest level ever). The payment proportion through bank transfer and intermediary units reached 97.98% in the number of customers. The proportion of customers paying through electronic forms accounted for 78.89%.

In 2017, the independent consulting unit conducted the survey, in which the overall satisfaction level for EVNCMC was 8.26/10 points, increasing by 0.1 point compared with 2016.




Source: evn.com.vn