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1. Operation Motto: Avoid wasting for consumption energy for sustainable development.
2. The main areas of activity:
Using energy efficiently, eliminating energy waste:
-  Consulting and establishing the energy audit reports.
-  Consulting and establishing energy management system.
-  Consulting building the energy consumption and monitoring objectives.
-  Consulting engineering designs, preparing tender documents, construction and supervision of construction of energy efficient solutions.
-  Providing energy-saving devices for buildings, industrial factories and civil profects.
Environmental consulting services:
-  Consulting and establishing the report of investment and constructing solutions of environmental treatment.
-  Consulting cleaner production.
-  Preparing document of the overall test of the environmental process.
-  Remediation and activities of other waste management.
-  Making products from wood, bamboo, straw and plaiting materials.
Consulting services for technology:
-  Consulting and establishing investment reports of new energy and renewable energy projects.
-  Establishing technical designs, tender documents of  projects providing for energy.
-  Research and experimental development of natural science and engineering.
Design of industrial and civil projects:
-  Designing industrial and civil refrigerant projects.
-  Designing and installing substations and low voltage secondary lines, civil and industrial electrical systems.
-  Installing the system of water supply and drainage, heating and air conditioning.
3. Ability – resources:
 • Ability:
We are able to perform all the above areas with the highest reliability and apply new technologies to the process of calculating designs, managing projects in order to ensure the progress and quality to meet the needs of our customers.
• Resources:
-  With a team of specialized professionals trained at home and abroad, having many years of experience in the fields of energy and environmental remediation.
We are full of specialized equipment and financial capacity to perform and meet the need of the technical requirements of the projects.