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    Entech Hanoi 2015: "Green" Milestone for Sustainable Development

    THUrsday - 14/05/2015 11:20 - Viewed: 2005
    The International Exhibition on Energy Efficiency - Hanoi Environment (Entech Hanoi 2015) will take place during May 20-22, 2015 at the International Exhibition Centre ICE Hanoi, 91 Tran Hung Dao, Hanoi. This is a specialized trade fair of energy efficiency in Vietnam, appealing much attention from the domestic and international community.
    The reporter of the Website: Tietkiemnangluong.com.vn had a talk with Dr. Dao Hong Thai - Director, Hanoi Energy Conservation Centre - the Organizing Unit to update the latest information of this annual event of technology.
    This is the 7th year for Hanoi to organize the international exhibition on Energy Efficiency - Hanoi Environment (Entech Hanoi 2015).  How does Entech Hanoi 2015 differ from Entech Hanoi in previous years?
    Entech Hanoi is annually organized by Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade. The event is sponsored by the Hanoi People's Committee and the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Construction, the Science and Technology Association on Energy saving and Efficiency, the Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment and Busan city- South Korea.
    Entech Hanoi 2015 is to promote technology transfer in energy saving and reduction of environmental pollution; to improve energy efficiency, to reduce negative impacts on the environment and climate.
    In participation of the trade fair, there are about 165 show booths of more than 110 businesses and organizations from the country and overseas. It is expected to attract over 4,000 visitors.
    With the message "Energy Efficiency-Environmental Protection - Sustainable Development", Entech Hanoi 2015 continues to be the setting for Vietnamese and overseas businesses to promote and introduce their products, advanced technologies, to develop their business cooperation opportunities in the field of energy and environment.
    Entech Hanoi 2015 will have an additional domain which is the ecological products. This domain promises to bring together the business research units, production units, sales of product lines with environmentally friendly features, renewable energy, energy-labeled products.
    Within the framework of Entech Hanoi 2015 there will be seminars such as: Improving energy efficiency in industry; Solutions to improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings, etc.
    What types of products will Entech Hanoi 2015 focus on among the booths of participating enterprises?
    Through six years of this event, there are about 450 exhibitors with over 1,000 booths. The Products at the trade fair mainly focused on technologies such as energy saving in industrial, construction, transportation, oil and gas; Saving electricity in domestic and daily use; sanitary equipment to save water; Environmental protection technology: technology industrial waste treatment, and wastewater treatment technology among many others.
    Along with show booth products, Entech 2015 Hanoi has numerous booths of consulting services operating in the field of mining, energy distribution, and the booths of energy services consultancy companies (ESCOs).
    As a special display, to mark the initial enactment of the free trade agreement between Vietnam - South Korea (signed by 2 Governments in early May, 2015), the Korean enterprises bring with them to the Trade Fair many new technology products such as: energy saving technologies, environmental pollution reduction in production and building construction; solar batteries, wind power systems, the power consumption tracking device, monitoring devices for boiler tube leak, the high-performance equipment for the processing, equipment in gas and oil extraction.
    Meanwhile, Vietnamese booths display many household products such as solar hot water tanks, electric bicycles, power-saving LED lights, the energy-saving technologies in areas such as textiles garments, footwear, construction and others.
    What has attracted domestic and overseas enterprises to participate in Entech Hanoi 2015 in your opinion?
    Environment and energy efficiency are issues of more concerns nowadays. Entech Hanoi 2015 is a good opportunity for Vietnam enterprises to access, learn from those countries which have experience in the development of energy products. Through Entech Hanoi 2015, domestic enterprises and foreign enterprises will have contacts for exchange and transfer of technologies in energy, environment as well as identify the opportunities for collaboration.
    As estimated, in the other Entech Hanoi events, the values of transfer of technology are worth over VND2,600 billion. The Korean side evaluates that Entech Hanoi is one of 7 most effective foreign trade exhibitions for Korean companies. In Vietnam, Entech Hanoi is the top leading specialized trade fair on  energy efficiency and environment.
    In addition to the above benefits, participating businesses also receive support and incentives from the Organizing Board. Specifically, 50% of booth rental is exempted for enterprises in the exhibition area where ecological products are displayed. At the same time, these enterprises' logos also appear on the color ad page of Entech Hanoi 2015 Directory.
    How much will Entech Hanoi 2015 impact on the economical and efficient use of energy in the community as you can foresee?
    Entech Hanoi is organized annually with activities in the framework of the National Target Programme on energy savings and efficiency in Hanoi. Through the trade fair, we expect that not only the enterprises, the Hanoains, but also the entire community and businesses in the North and across the country will have more access to opportunities to use technology and energy-efficient and the environment friendly products.
    Entech Hanoi has been helpful in the development of high-performance technology transfer markets in the areas of energy and the environment, contributing to the restructure of industry and trade under the green growth model.

    Thank you! 
    Author: Trong Tan
    Source: tietkiemnangluong.com.vn