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    Suggestions on application of ISO 50001: 2011 system

    MONday - 29/12/2014 18:00 - Viewed: 1790

    The General Department of Energy under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has recently checked and accepted results of the task “Application of energy management system according to ISO 50001:2011 standard for enterprises under the Vietnam National Coal - Mineral Industries Group”. This task is part of the 2013 National target program on energy efficiency.

    In reality, the energy management model according to ISO 50001:2011 standard has been proved as an overall strategy management system and an effective solution to boost and improve continuously the energy management process to increase energy efficiency in many countries worldwide. In Vietnam, some enterprises have applied this model and obtained positive results. Therefore, it was necessary to research and assess advantages and difficulties of the model application for typical enterprises under the Vinacomin.
    According to assessments of the Scientific and Technology Council, the review report reflected sufficiently results from implementation of the task and closely stuck to the approved platform. The Vinacomin conducted surveys at its 34 member enterprises to assess potential for application of the ISO energy management system, research ISO 50001:2011 standard combined with analysis of needs, barriers, advantages and difficulties of the system when applied to these enterprises. The group also evaluated energy efficient solutions for five units having different types of production and exploitation, then selected two units by five specific criteria to build a suitable energy management system in conformity with the ISO 50001: 2011 standard which were Ha Lam Coal Joint Stock Company and Cao Son Coal JSC - Vinacomin. It also supported to build and apply the ISO 50001:2011 standard for these two enterprises.

    Initial results helped the two enterprises update legal documents of the state, observe and implement the Law on Energy Efficiency and Conservation, raise awareness on energy efficiency through propaganda programs with slogans, panels and posters regarding the ISO 50001: 2011 energy management system and the objectives of energy efficiency. The enterprises also received support to draft regulations and documents that help improve interactions between their departments for more efficient energy management, invest in technical solutions to improve energy efficiency such as the adjustment of automatic frequencies for conveyor belts, the operation of automatic lighting system in different hours and the smart control system for air-conditioners.
    The application of ISO 50001: 2011 Energy Management System helped save VND214 million per year for Ha Lam Coal JSC and nearly VND100 million per year for Cao Son Coal JSC – Vinacomin.

    With the obtained results, the report suggested a roadmap for application of the ISO 50001: 2011 Energy Management System for the next five enterprises including Duong Huy Coal JSC, Coc Sau Coal JSC, Cua Ong Coal Sorting Company, Cao Ngan Thermal Power Company and Lao Cai Copper Smelting Company./.

    Source: By Ven.vn